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Bringing The Nanoscale Into View: SJSU Team develops fully immersive physical chemistry experience

Prof Wolcott and a SJSU VR team developed a Virtual Reality experience with funding through the Cal State University system. Researchers Nanci Solomon, Patrick Stafford and Jon Oakes played key roles in the development and implementation of the experience!! The immersive Physical Chemistry module can be used at the KLEVR lab at MLK library or the app can be shared to you directly by contacting Prof Wolcott during the Shelter-in-place order.

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SSCL To Host URAP Scholars in Summer 2020 (Deadline Extended to March 15th!)


The Surface Science Center Laboratory at SJSU (Wolcott Lab) has been selected as the only Cal State University to host Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program (URAP) Scholars. Eligibility: GPA=2.8, STEM Major, US or Naturalized Citizen and ability to commute to SJSU! Summer Stipend is $4500 for 8-10 weeks and NO research experience required. Researchers will perform work on nanoscale diamond with applications in biolabeling, biosensing, magnetometry and quantum computation. African American, Latinx, Native American and Pacific Islanders are encouraged to apply. Apply by March 15th! Contact Prof. Wolcott for additional info

Apply Here!

Tyanna, Daniel and Professor Wolcott pose in front of the TES detector

Surface Science Center Laboratory Uses Superconducting Transition Edge Sensor

The SSCL uses the Transition Edge Sensor (TES) to detect background-free X-ray emission data on diamond surfaces for applications in magnetometry, biosensing and quantum communication. The TES is housed at beamline 10-1 at SSRL, a soft X-ray beamline capable of probing low-Z elements (B, C,N,O and F) and transition metals (Co, Zn, Ti and Fe).

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HRSEM data collection by Researchers Davida Simpson and Camron Stokes
Researchers perfrom HRSEM at Imaging Facility

The Molecular Foundry: DOE operated Nanoscience Center

SSCL researchers have access through a user-based proposal system to state-of-the-art instrumentation at The Molecular Foundry and here SSCL reserachers Camron Stokes and Davida Simpson image gold nanoparticle clusters on a Zeiss Ultra-55 in the Imaging and manipulation of nanostructures facility at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, a Department of Energy Facility.

SSCL researchers collect data

X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) is a key technique that the SSCL uses to examine the atomic and molecular structure structure of bulk and nanoscale materials. Here SSCL researchers Grace Jeanpierre, Jocelyn Valenzuela and Cynthia Melendrez collect XPS data.

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