Prof. Abraham Wolcott

A Wolcott

Prof. Abraham Wolcott is a physical chemist who focuses on the surface chemistry of nanoscale and bulk materials for biological labeling and alternative energy productive (solar cell research). He received a B.S. and PhD with Prof. Jin Z. Zhang at UC Santa Cruz (Jin Zhang group). He received an NSF postdoctoral fellowship and worked with Prof. Xiao Yang Zhu (XYZ Group at Columbia). at UT Austin, who then moved to Columbia University.  Prof. Wolcott also worked with Profs. Jon Owen (Jon Owen lab Columbia) and Dirk Englund (Dirk Englund at MIT) as a joint postdoctoral scientist at Columbia and MIT before coming to San Jose State University.


Prof Wolcott has taught physical chemistry lecturers (Chem 160) and laboratory (Chem 162L) and has received several grants to incorporate technology into the physical chemistry course curriculum. One pedagogical tool that is being incorporated is the use of virtual reality (VR) into the classroom. Thermodynamics (Thermodynamics), kinetics (Chemical kinetics), quantum mechanics (Quantum mechanics) and spectroscopy (Spectroscopy) are topics in which VR-based lesson plans can be developed.