Apply to teach in the Incubator Classroom

The Department of Academic Technology invites both new and returning faculty to teach in the Incubator Classroom and Next Generation Classrooms.  Faculty, department chairs and directors are notified biannually regarding the application process and due dates.

These learning spaces are intended to enable faculty to experiment with a variety of teaching strategies and classroom configurations to support and transform student learning. They are designed to provide an environment conducive to active and collaborative learning, facilitated by technology tools. These learning spaces provide faculty with the opportunity to develop and expand both their use of technology and their approach to instruction. If applying to teaching in the Incubator or Next Gen Classrooms, you must demonstrate effective utilization of the technology in the classroom.

We invite you to submit a proposal outlining a pedagogical method or innovation that you wish to implement in these learning spaces. Proposals should clearly articulate an action plan outlining your teaching methods, technology integration and assessment strategy as indicated on the proposal form. Prior to confirmation, you will be contacted by an Academic Technology staff member to map your pedagogical plan. 

The proposal form and additional information can be found on the following website:

Department of Academic Technology