Incubator Classroom Resources

Incubator Classroom Resources


San José State University's Incubator Classroom is a completely new learning space designed to facilitate teaching and learning. The Classroom enables professors to experiment with flexible learning environments and technology tools selected to enhance faculty-student interaction, encourage active learning, and increase student involvement.

Faculty and students can utilize a variety of technologies focused on collaboration, recording classwork, and transforming the learning experience. The classroom continues to evolve and change based on user feedback, and new technologies are incorporated into the practice of teaching and learning. If you are interested in teaching in the Incubator Classroom, please call the Center for Faculty Development at 408.924.3064.

The classroom was profiled by Garvin Thomas, of NBC 11 News (San Jose) in October 2006. Watch the 2 minute video in Windows MediaWindows Media Player Icon or watch it in QuicktimeQuick Time Player Icon


Each of the technologies in the Incubator Classroom was selected as part of a teaching "toolkit" designed to provide faculty and students with innovative ways of innovating their teaching practice. Please see the classroom instructional designer for more detailed information about each technology.

Faculty interested in learning how to use all of these technologies can download our Incubator Classroom Packet (pdf). Are you interested in teaching in the Incubator Classroom? Apply for teaching place.