Collaboration Software


The Incubator Classroom is focused on allowing for student collaboration and problem-based learning.  We are actively testing different open-source and commerical solutions that allow students to interact with the classroom environment through file-sharing, screen-sharing, and other interactions.  Currently the list of software includes:

  • RealVNC Screen Sharing
  • Classroom Presenter for the Tablet PC
  • iROS & TeamSpotExternal link outside SJSU domain, interactive room software
  • Collanos Desktop

Each of these tools provide a different form of digital collaboration.  RealVNC allows students to share control of their computers with each other to allow for collaborative group work.  Classroom Presenter is a Windows software package especially designed for the Tablet PC that allows for 2 way communication between students and faculty using annotation tools. Students can use the stylus to respond to information in lectures and send that information to the instructor to display on the screen.  iROS and TeamSpot create a digital infrastructure enabling students and faculty to share, collaborate and archive their work seamlessly through drag and dropping of links, files and other information.  Collanos Desktop allows students and faculty to have a shared workspace including files, URLs, comments, chats and other communication tools

 Please contact an instructional consultant for individual assistance.

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