Faculty Support - Webcasting/Streaming

What is Webcasting/Streaming?

Webcasting, also called streaming, is a way to distribute a recording of a class or event over the internet. This is video and/or audio of a class or event you can view live on your desktop or laptop computer using a Flash media player. All live classes or events can be archived for viewing on-demand anywhere, anytime. You can also choose to have an archive only version of your recording for situations in which you want to control the timing of access to the recording.

How Do We Do It?

We capture and compress video and/or audio from a TV Classroom or an existing recording to create a webcasting/streaming media file that can be viewed on the internet. We encode the video and audio using Flash. We utilize the Flash Server to deliver the live and/or archive webcast/stream to the internet.

How Do You View a Webcast?

You can view a live or archived webcast/stream in two simple steps:Connect to the internet. If you are seeing this page you are connected to the internet.

  1. Go to our ATN “Webcasting/Streaming” links page and click on either the live classes or archived classes link. Click on the link for live classes if you would like to view a live class. Click on the link for archived classes if you would like to view an archived class.
  2. If you would like to view the most current "Update News" show, click on the "Update News" link.

(Note: Most computers already have the flash player. If yours doesn’t, when you select your choice you will get a message that you need to download the flash player. Just click on the link and the player will install in a few seconds)

Webcast Delivery and Publication

Faculty can choose to have their webcasting/streaming class links published on the ATN website and/or on their own website or in the Learning Management System (BlackBoard). Contact us so we can give you the link to publish on your website or Learning Management System (Blackboard) for the class, video or event.