Frequently Asked Questions - Faculty

Tower Hall

The Academic Technology Network (ATN) offers introductory answers to Frequently Asked Questions for faculty teaching/planning to teach at the ATN. Links throughout the answers will guide you to further information on our website or from other sources. Should you have any further questions, please consult our Support Contacts page. 

Where is the ATN located and how can I contact them?

The ATN office is located on the third floor, room 310 of the IRC building on the SJSU campus ( map). The contact information is as follows: phone number: (408) 924-2636; fax number: (408) 924-2881; email:

How do I put in a Service Request at the ATN?

There is a link for Service Request Form under quick links on ATN's main page.

What are the basic services provided by the ATN?

  • Tapes and DVD dubbing of ATN classes, includes fees
  • Technical Support for ATN classrooms, broadcasts and streaming
  • Faxing to ATN sites (Self-Service)
  • UPS 

What are the services NOT provided by the ATN?

  • Copying Services
  • PowerPoint Editing Services
  • Personal phone use
  • Office Supplies

Will my class have in-person technical support while the class is in session?

Yes, as part of the services provided by the ATN, a control room camera operator will be assigned to each class. This will allow you to integrate a variety of materials into your class presentations with a minimum amount of effort. Feel free to explain to the operator what you require before class. You may also direct them during class. For example, when referring to material projected with an over-head camera, say, “Can we have a close-up of this?” or “Give us a wider shot to include both graphs”. For the most part, once the control room personnel learn your style, direction will rarely be necessary but will always be welcome.

What information do I need to provide to the ATN regarding the course work?

It is essential that you provide a copy of the Green Sheet along with Class Schedule and notify the ATN of any further changes to the schedule. Updated office location and office hours along with contact information are required for further communication.

What is the 'Authorization and Consent for Use of Name, Voice, Photograph and Likeness' form?

The 'Authorization and Consent for Use of Name, Voice, Photograph and Likeness' form is a written consent to attend any class held at the ATN for public use of their photograph, voice, name and likeness. This form must be filled out by Instructors, students and any guest speakers and submitted to ATN for file. This is a strict requirement as it is part of the policies enforced by the University.

Do off-site students have to sign the Authorization and Consent form?

Yes, off-site students have to sign the consent form and this is facilitated by the site coordinators at the respective sites.

What is the procedure for submitting PowerPoint Presentations for the class?

The ATN has a strict policy for PowerPoint Presentations. Submit the presentation 5 business days before class. Bring it to IRC 310 on a Flash Drive, CD/DVD disk OR email it to There's a limit of 5MB when you send the presentations through email. This is a University Computing and Telecommunications (UCAT) policy.

More information is available at our Faculty Support PowerPoint Guide.

What is the Instructor's Questionnaire?

The Instructor's Questionnaire (orange sheet) is used by the instructor at the end of each class session to give feedback and/or to request any special setups for the following week's class session. This form MUST be filled out at the end of each class.

Will I have a mailbox at the ATN for receiving material from the off-sites?

Yes, every instructor at the ATN is assigned a mailbox for mailing purposes. This mailbox is located in IRC 303 along with a general outbox for outgoing mail/UPS. At the end of the semester, all ATN mailboxes will be cleared within the following week and any material left behind will be sent to the respective instructors.

How do I send material through UPS?

To send material through UPS, put the material in the big grey Inter Department Envelope and leave it in the outbox or drop it off in the ATN office (IRC 310). Make sure to write the class name and the name of the receiving site on the envelope.

Can I fax documents/class material from the ATN?

Yes, a fax machine is located in IRC 303. This is a self-service feature, however feel free to ask for assistance from any ATN staff. The step-by-step procedure for faxing documents and the list of fax numbers is located next to the Fax machine. It can be used to send/receive materials to/from student/sites. When using the fax machine, please inform the site assistants that you have faxed materials. You are encouraged to use UPS whenever possible.

How can I make sure that exams/quizzes are proctored at the sites?

A site coordinator is present at each class meeting. Although it is part of their responsibility to proctor all quizzes, midterms and finals for students at the off-sites, they should be provided with detailed instructions of your expectations.

Important information includes, but is not limited to;

  • How much time is allowed for the exam?
  • May students leave when the exam is finished?
  • Is the test open book and are other materials, such as dictionary or blank sheet of paper for notes allowed?
  • Will bluebooks or answer sheets be used?
  • What is to be returned (answer sheets, exams, notes etc.)?

Is eating/drinking allowed in the ATN classrooms?

No, eating/drinking is NOT allowed in the ATN classrooms due to the risk of equipment damage. Only bottled water is allowed in the classrooms. There are tables and chairs outside the classrooms for all purposes.

What should I do in case of class cancellation?

If you do not hold class due to illness or other reasons, please notify ATN or remind your department to call 4-2636 to relay the information. Faculties are responsible for providing their own substitutes.