Windows Webcasting Support - Setup

Follow the steps below.

Step One: Computer Hardware and Software Requirements

Minimum Computer Hardware and Software Requirements:

  • PC with 233 MHz or higher reccomended (single or dual processor system).
  • 16 Bit Sound card (32 bit preferred)
  • Speakers
  • 64 to 128 MB RAM (128 MB preferred)
  • Minimum 56 kbps modem.

Internet Requirements:

  • 56k dial-up
  • DSL or Cable preferred.

Step Two: Important Browser Requirements

For Live Classes, Archived Classes and Events Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 (or higher) or Mozilla Firefox is required (Live Classes can ONLY be viewed using Microsoft Internet Explorer.)

Do not use any customized Browsers such as "AOL Internet Explorer or Earthlink Internet Explorer or AOL Netscape". They will not work with our streamed videos.

Internet Explorer Download Link:

Step Three: Download RealOne Player

Download the Free version of RealOne Player, the wizard installer will assist you in the installation of your Free RealOne Player. Make sure to select the Basic Setup.
All other versions of RealOne Player are not compatible
with ATN's streaming.

RealOne Player URL
Download Link:

Step Four: Test your RealOne Player

Test your RealOne Player by clicking on the video stream links below:

A Successful Test

If your test was successful, go back to the Webcasting main page.
If your test was not successful, refer to the Troubleshooting page.