Academic Technology Network (ATN)

Today’s modern technology offers exciting new opportunities for flexible, dynamic, and effective instruction. The Academic Technology Network utilizes this potential with production and distribution services for video-conferencing and webcasting. The Academic Technology Network is the distance education group in the Media Production and Delivery unit of the Academic Technology Department at SJSU. 


The mission of eCampus is to advance the effective use of current and emerging technologies to cultivate excellence in teaching and to foster significant student learning.  eCampus envisions and promotes a pervasive learning environment where opportunities for acquiring and accessing knowledge as well as participating in a community of scholarship are ever present.

Academic Technology Computer Center

The SJSU Academic Technology Computer Center is a first point of contact for information, service and support at San Jose State University. We are located in the computer lab on the first floor of Clark Hall in room 102 near the building's main entrance. We also support the main computer lab in the Academic Success Center, Clark Hall room 102.

ITSS Desktop

As part of the Department of Academic Technology, Information Technology Support Services (ITSS) is the primary technical support resource for SJSU students, staff, and faculty for questions and problems relating to information technology and computing.

The ITSS Desktop Support group assists users in troubleshooting problems with operating systems, software/hardware conflicts, and with configuring and making use of selected desktop software packages.

Media Production

Media Production provides professional production services for SJSU. We specialize in photography, videography, editing, new media production, and faculty consulting.   

Media Services

Media Services supports the campus community's audio/visual equipment needs. Our unit provides a wide range of audio/visual equipment, the facilities to edit and view films/videos/DVDs, as well as access to an online library of 9,000 titles for view in-house or for check-out.

Academic Technology Support

Academic Technology Support (ATS) is a unit of Academic Technology that is combining the functions of Classroom Support and Media & Equipment Checkout/Reservations. ATS provides a wide range of audio/visual equipment, computers and accessories for checkout. In addition ATS has facilities to edit and view videos/DVDs. ATS also maintains and supports all equipment in the university lecture rooms. ATS is located on the first floor of the Instructional Resources Center.

Classroom Projects

Classroom projects is a unit that works with customers to plan, install, repair and test media setups in classrooms. This is not a support unit.