About IT Service Desk

Video editing stations in CL 102 lab.
IT Service Desk
One Washington Square
Clark 102, 1st Floor
San José, CA 95192-0026
Phone: (408) 924-1530
Hours and Location: CL102
IT Service Desk Email: ithelpdesk@sjsu.edu

IT Service Desk Support

  • If you are seeking assistance with SJSU IT systems and are contacting SJSU via phone and/or Internet you should go directly to the new SJSU IT Help Desk website.

  • If you are seeking assistance with Canvas, or other distance learning tools, you should go to the SJSU eCampus website.

  • Or, please feel free to contact us or come into Clark Hall 102 for assistance.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help members of the SJSU campus community achieve their academic goals using technology.


To provide quality service and resources to the SJSU Students, Faculty and Staff to track, resolve and offer solutions to IT issues. The SJSU IT Service Desk is also one of the points of contact for service and support at San Jose State University.


  • Offer support through multiple service channels.
  • Provide and maintain a working environment that is conducive to creating a positive experience for our customers.
  • Continuously improve our skills, service and equipment.
  • Improve our customer service through better communication and workflow process.


Commitment to delighting our customers anytime, all the time by:

  • Being dependable, responsive, proactive and professional.
  • Taking ownership of the problem at hand.
  • Adding value at every opportunity in the delivery of our solution.
  • Constantly seeking opportunities to enhance our customers' experience.

Service Level Standards

  • Answer all calls to (408) 924-1530.
  • Return all Voice Mail calls within an hour during business hours.
  • Route calls, with appropriate information, to the other IT service provider groups at SJSU.
  • Maintain ownership of a problem or case until it is either resolved or routed to a party able to make resolution.