Microsoft Select Agreement (for University-owned computers)

The Microsoft Select Agreement allows University departments, including officially recognized Auxiliary organizations to purchase software licenses and media not included in the SJSU Campus Agreement at significant discounts.

Important Notes:

Software Assurance (SA) on licenses from the previous contract need to be renewed. Software Assurance is Microsoft's 3-year maintenance that allows for a free upgrade within the 3-year life of the Select Agreement. Prices for SA are pro-rated and prices change every six months. SA is optional but the SJSU Academic Technology Computer Center highly recommends it.

Software purchased under the Select Agreement have perpetual licenses.

Microsoft Select software licenses must be ordered from the contracted vendor for this agreement.

Microsoft Select software products are not for home use except on University-owned computers for University work.

Work at Home rights do not apply to software purchased under the MS Select program.

The approved purchase order or the contracted vendor receipt for credit card purchases is your license.

Media is not included when buying licenses and may be obtained separately through the Microsoft Select program.

We highly recommend the purchase of licenses with Software Assurance (SA). SA allows you to upgrade the product to the newest version until the SA expires.