Microsoft Student Select Program

The Microsoft Student Select Agreement allows SJSU students to purchase Microsoft products (licenses and media) at significantly reduced prices. The products available under this agreement are:

  • Microsoft Office Professional
  • Microsoft Client Operating System

Students may purchase software under the Student Select Program at the SJSU Bookstore.

Important Notes

SharePoint Designer (formerly FrontPage) is not part of Office Professional and is therefore not covered by the Student Select Agreement.

The Windows Operating System will install on one computer an unlimited number of times (if the PC were to crash, you can reinstall the software). Office can be installed on two computers - a desktop and a portable device.

During the software setup, you will be required to register the product with Microsoft or the product will not install. The registration will take the Key Code of the installation media and a Serial number from the computer(s) and store them in a Microsoft database. As long as these two numbers match, the media can be used to install on that computer(s).

How to Obtain Software

  1. Go to the SJSU Bookstore Computer Service counter to purchase pre-copied Microsoft media at a reduced rate. Purchase the software covered by the CSU Microsoft Student Select program.
  2. Each student must provide the following as proof of eligibility:
    • A current SJSU student ID card
    • A picture ID (e.g., driver's license)

Students are not allowed to trade or sell the software media. Students must register the software with Microsoft upon installation or it will not function.