Software Information

About this page

This page provides links related to software usage at San Jose State University. There may be additional resources available in individual departments. Students may wish to ask their instructors and faculty may wish to ask their desktop support teams about the availability of such resources. 


  • Adobe Software
    Adobe Creative Suite is available to San Jose State students and employees.
  • Apple Software Information
    SJSU's Applecare agreement for those at SJSU who support Apple products. OSX Workstation and Server iOS All Apple Consumer Software.
  • Antivirus Software for Employees
    SJSU Antivirus is currently available to SJSU faculty and staff.
  • SPSS Software
    All faculty, staff and/or currently enrolled students are covered by the university's site license with SPSS.
  • Microsoft Software Licensing
    The California State University maintains three agreements for Microsoft software. The agreements provide software for CSU students, faculty, staff and auxiliary units.
  • Software Purchasing
    SJSU Procurement Services is the main source for information about the purchase of software.
  • Free Software
    A place customers can go to find links to software available free under open source or General Public License. Links on this page are provided without warranty or guarantee of the quality of the products mentioned and linked to here. Use any of the software listed at your own risk!
  • Downloads
    A place customers can go to get software that can be downloaded.