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If you are seeking assistance and are contacting SJSU via phone or Internet you should go directly to the SJSU IT Help Desk website.

This page provides basic information about University email and other accounts.

University SJSU Gmail Email Accounts

This system is only applicable to employees and students at San Jose State University. At this time SJSU does not provide SJSU Gmail accounts to applicants or to former students.


Every employee either received a Gmail account when they were hired or are being migrated to this new official university email system. The group responsible for desktop support in your area is the group that is the first point of contact for SJSU Gmail. To apply for SJSU Gmail please see your desktop support computer group or visit us in CL102, in person and we will refer your request to the appropriate party. Authentication for this is done using SJSUOne. More information about employee SJSU Gmail is here.


Information for students about SJSU Gmail is here.

Other Types of University Accounts

There are other types of of accounts that may or may not be associated with email. These include but are not limited to:

SJSUOne (SJSUOne is also used for SJSU email)

The SJSUOne account system is a single sign on system developed and maintained by ITS System Services, not Information Technology Support Services, and is necessary to connect to email services, to the wireless network and a growing list of other SJSU web-based applications. Accounts are available to every SJSU faculty, staff and student. SJSUOne passwords expire every 180 days. This university help desk supports SJSUOne. Here is a webpage with related links. If you need assistance with SJSUOne, and/or you did not find what you are looking for on this site you should go directly to the SJSU IT Help Desk website.


MySJSU is for current and former students and applicants for admission, as well as all SJSU employees. Find important information about your academic or work career, system downtime, procedural updates, documentation, training and support using MySJSU. Authentication for MySJSU is done using SJSUOne. The SJSU IT Help Desk can be reached at (408) 924-1530 or via email at

About Passwords

Remember your user names and your passwords are the keys to your digital identity on our university computer systems. When somebody logs into computer systems using this information it is assumed they are you. Keep this information secret!

Need More Information?

If you are seeking assistance with SJSU IT systems and are contacting SJSU via phone and/or Internet you should go directly to the new SJSU IT Help Desk website.

If you are seeking assistance with Canvas, or other distance learning tools, you should go to the SJSU eCampus website.

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