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About this page

This page provides very basic information about accessing the SJSU wireless network.

If you are seeking assistance with SJSU IT systems and are contacting SJSU via phone and/or Internet you should go directly to the new SJSU IT Help Desk website.

If you are seeking assistance with Canvas, or other distance learning tools, you should go to the SJSU eCampus website.

What is the SJSU Wireless Network?

The SJSU wireless network is a Wi-Fi network using standard wireless network protocols.

Wireless/Laptop Computing Network

Support information for the SJSU wireless network used for the project is available on this page.

Access for members of the campus community

SJSU faculty, staff and currently enrolled students are the normal users of the SJSU wireless network. Normal users of the SJSU wireless network must authenticate to the SJSU wireless network using an authentication service provided by SJSUOne. In computer security, authentication is the process of attempting to verify the digital identity of the sender of a communication, such as a request to log in.

Guest Access

These accounts are designated for guest speakers, lectures or other guests who may be authorized to use the SJSU wireless network. To apply for a wireless guest account please follow the process on this page.

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