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About Our Ticketing System

The incident management software we use to resolve, track and refer matters for resolution of problems is called SJSU iSupport. This SJSU iSupport software has a Web portal you can use for submitting tickets to us.

If you have an issue needing attention please submit a ticket to us in SJSU iSupport. We can only respond to your ticket during our normal working hours. You can submit a ticket, on the Web, at the following link:

Please submit a ticket for any matter needing attention!

  • Here are some things you may wish to consider before submitting a ticket.
  • Please answer all questions asked as thoroughly as possible. Some questions may not apply to you. (Those may be skipped)
  • Giving us a phone number is very helpful if we need more information to resolve your problem.
  • Please be sure to put your SJSU ID number and your phone number somewhere in the ticket!

Help Us Help You

  • In all requests for service or assistance: Be sure to put your SJSU ID number and your phone number somewhere in the ticket. Often we cannot properly process your request without that information! In general the more specific information you can provide us the better. For some types of tickets we may need additional information. Please consider the following.
  • If you are seeking assistance with Canvas, or other distance learning tools, you should go to the SJSU eCampus website.
  • If the matter involves an SJSU email account: Please enter an alternate email address as your contact email address if you have one. But, be sure you also have the address of the email account that is having the problem in the ticket.
  • If the matter involves a physical location, like a room: Please be as specific as possible about the location of, and the nature of the problem. Please provide the room number and a phone number of a person who has access to the room.
  • If the matter involves a piece of equipment: Please identify any affected hardware, whether that is a telephone, a door handle, a computer and especially be sure to identify the physical location of the equipment.
  • If the matter involves software: Please be as specific as possible on the name and the version of the software as well as the platform of the software (Mac, PC or Linux?).
  • If the matter involves a service: Please be specific about the service and how it, or the lack of it, is affecting you.

What Is Next?

  • If you do not want to submit a ticket or you DO NOT have a working SJSU ID number and an SJSUOne account then you can call the IT Service Desk (408) 924-1530 or e-mail your issue to
  • Otherwise, the SJSU iSupport Ticket Portal should provide you with confirmation of your submission as well as a ticket number after you submit your incident ticket. Write down this number!
  • You should also receive emails with the ticket number, confirmation of your incident, status of your incident, the resolution, or more information about how you can get a resolution of your issue. All this will be forwarded to you in email replies to your incident submission.
  • Please keep a copy of your incident ticket number(s) for reference if you contact us regarding your issue.

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Please ---> Click here to---> Submit an ticket for any matter needing attention!

If you wish to follow up on this ticket please call us at (408) 924-1530.


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