Portraits (Faculty/Staff)

Faculty Portraits

staff portrait

We provide high quality professional portraits of faculty, staff and student employees as a service to the Campus Community. Using our professional studio equipment in the studio and on location, we can accommodate one or more individuals.

Photo shoot guidelines

Using the guidelines below when planning a shoot, will help capture the best images for your San José State University use. Pre-planning takes little time and makes the photo shoot more productive.

Outdoor shoots:

Sunrise to 10 a.m. and late afternoon are the best times for capturing images in outdoor light. Schedule approximately 20 to 40 minutes per outdoor shot per photo shoot.

Indoor shoots:

Indoor shoots can be done anytime. The average indoor shoot takes about one hour for setup and shooting. Larger or more complex rooms may take longer. Scheduling plenty of time for both photographers and models/subjects will produce stronger images.


Faculty/Staff: If you are having a formal portrait taken, consider wearing a suit or professional attire. If you are in a more candid or casual on-location photo session, select clothing that you would typically wear in that venue. Avoid bright white or black as it does not photograph as well as other colors. Bright colors are fine. Avoid clothing with names or endorsements for outside businesses or other institutions. San José State University gear is fine.

If scheduling students for a photo session, they should wear bright clothing avoiding black, gray or white. They should be dressed comfortably, but attractively, and should bring books, notebooks, book bags, sports gear, musical instruments, etc., with them. Clothing with the name of San José State University is encouraged but not required. Avoid clothing with names or endorsements for outside businesses or other institutions.

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