Image Conversion

Conversion of Images from an analog form such as a slides, negatives, photographic prints, printed pages or images in books or other publications for faculty and staff to use in classroom and online lectures and learning management systems, brochures, publications and web pages.

Slide and Negative Scanning

  • Using digital film and flatbed scanners, we can create digital versions of the images in your files for use in lectures and presentations, publications and other printed materials such as text books, study guides and web pages. Slides or negatives which need to be used on a computer or in a digital setting for academic, or other University purposes can be processed through Media Production.

Animated sequence of image conversion process

Flatbed Scanning

  • Typed, printed, or hand-written documents, as well as photographic prints and other flat documents and artifacts that need to be converted to digital format can be scanned on a flatbed scanner then output in appropriate digital file formats.

Copy Stand Photography

  • Oversized originals such as paintings, maps and posters and large quantities of images and documents can be rephotographed on the copy stand to quickly and efficiently convert them into digital files for uses in print, on the web, and in digital publications and work flows.