ATS Equipment/ Media Checkout Reservations

Photo of equipment inventory in media services.

Audio/video equipment and accessories may be reserved over the Phone: (408) 924-2888 or on the website through Equipment Online Reservations form, or may be checked out in-person, on a first-come first-served basis.

  • Equipment for check-out at ATS (either videos or audio-visual equipment) are for a 2-day loan period to current SJSU students, staff or faculty.

  • Faculty and staff can checkout videos from our permanent collection for 2 weeks if any are available.

  • You may renew most items once by phone if they are not reserved by another member of the SJSU community.

  • Due to the popularity of the HD Cameras, only one camera per patron is allowed. Weekend use is also very popular so, if you checkout a camera on Thursday, it will be due back on Monday no later than 10am. But for Friday checkout, you can have the camera until 9:30pm on Monday if it is available for that time.

Equipment available for student/faculty/staff checkout:

Equipment only available for faculty & staff checkout: