Academic Technology FAQs

How do faculty get support from Academic Technology for….. 

1. Technology in the classroom, such as projectors, connections, and sound?
Academic Technology Support
Call (408) 924-2867 

2. Borrowing equipment and media for the classroom, such as DVD players, projectors, TVs?
Academic Technology Support
Call (408) 924-2888 or visit IRC first floor

3. Help with Canvas (Learning Management System)?
Login and Resources
iSupport help tickets

4. Help with finding a list of online courses?
Online Courses

5. Help with other software for teaching and learning (Turnitin, Criterion, Respondus, Adobe)?

6. Help with video-conferencing (live connection via telepresence)?
Academic Technology Network

7. Help with web-conferencing (live connection via a webcam and a URL, with software like Collaborate, that is in Canvas, and WebEx, a standalone meeting system)?
a. Collaborate
b. WebEx

8. Professional photography?
Media Production, Photography

9. Professional video creation?
Media Production, Video

10. Quick, self-created videos for teaching?
eCampus Studio

11. Office computer repairs?
IT Support Services

12. Converting an old VHS or DVD to digitized content and uploaded in Canvas?
Migration to Digital Video