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Here are a few advanced search features you can use when looking for video titles in the library. Please read the information on how to do a catalog search before using these. Please read through all steps before conducting your search at the bottom of this page. You will be exiting the Classroom Technology Support web page once you begin your search.


Multiple words are automatically searched together as one phrase.

Example: united states supreme court

Boolean Operators

Use "and" or "or" between separate words/phrases to search for multiple concepts in any field, in any order. "And" requires that both words/phrases be found in a record. "Or" requires that one word/phrase, but not necessarily both, be found.

Use "and not" to exclude words/phrases.

Example: usa or united states

Use parentheses to group words/phrases together while using Boolean operators.

Example: (alaska or canada) and (adventure and not vacation)


Use a single asterisk (*) to right-hand truncate up to 5 characters of a word.

Example: environment* polic*

Use a double asterisk (**) for infinite right-hand truncation.

Example: fyodor dost**

Use "near" to require that words/phrases be close to each other, in any order.

Example: california near university

Use "within #" to require that words/phrases appear within # words of each other in the record.
Example: america within 3 econom*

Field Searching

Use field abbreviations to require that words/phrases appear in a specific field. Available abbreviations are a: (author), t: (title), s: (subject), n: (note).

Example: (a:twain or a:clemens) and (t: huck*)

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