Video Playback/Monitor Services

Video Playback/Monitor Services

This service will be retired January 2014. Please visit our webpage on 'Migration to Digital Video' for future use of videos in the classroom.

Videos from the SJSU collection or VHS and DVD videos supplied by the instructor may be reserved for playbacks into classrooms connected to the campus cable system. Please make sure you do the following for this services:

  1. Verify that your room can receive this service by checking the Cable TV Classroom list. If you are not in a room on the list then please contact Academic Scheduling to relocate your class to a wired room.
  2. If you are running a video from the SJSU collection, check the Library Catalog to get the Call Number and Title of the video.
  3. Make a reservation at least 1 full workdays before the date you need the video in your class. You can do this by calling 924-2867 or by visiting us at Dwight Bentel Hall 130.

Reserved videos can by started by dialing "O" operator on the classroom phone at the date and time of the scheduled playback.

Additional Information

To schedule any of our services, call 924-2867 or drop by Dwight Bentel Hall #130.