DUO Two Factor Authentication

Safe Browsing with Extra Authenication

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) adds a second layer of security to your SJSUOne account. By verifying your identity using a second factor (such as your mobile device or a key fob), 2FA prevents anyone else from logging into your account, even if they know your password. 

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SJSU Students

Spartan Print Stations

Need to Print? Use the Spartan Print Stations. You'll find several print stations located across SJSU campus. Download the app and try it out!

SJSU Students

IT Services Provided to SJSU Campus

We deliver technical solutions and services to SJSU students, faculty and staff. Learn more how we can help you!

IT Staff

We are IT

We support SJSU by providing effective, efficient computing infrastructure and integrated technology services to maximize user collaboration while protecting SJSU information resources. IT consists of five different departments with a variety of specialized units focused on specific services and technologies.

Clark Computer Lab

Computer Labs for Students

We have two computer labs provided for students, faculty, and staff located in Clark Hall, 1st Floor and Campus Village, Building B, 1st Floor. Hours vary.