IT Spartan Internship Program

IT Spartan Internship Program

The mission of the SJSU IT Spartan Internship Program is to prepare students to become future IT leaders and innovators. Become part of the IT Spartan Internship Program: 

  • Get Involved - We provide our interns with an opportunity to apply their academic knowledge towards solving real-life challenges. With guidance from the IT staff, interns complete campus-wide projects in an environment that promotes problem-solving, creativity, innovation and accountability.
  • Get Connected - Students who successfully complete the Internship Program and the accompanying career training workshops, not only acquire marketable job skills, but they gain the confidence to successfully transition between academic life and the professional world.
  • Get Inspired - An intrinsic benefit of the Internship Program is that IT mentors and their interns often form lasting bonds—a win-win for the University. Our hope is that the interns who complete the program will go out into the world and become ardent ambassadors for SJSU and IT, and perhaps even become future mentors themselves.


Employers are looking for future employees who have both the knowledge and the practical experience to "hit the ground running". The IT Spartan Internship Program helps to prepare our students to launch successfully into their new careers.

- Bob Wrenn, Senior Director & Associate CIO, Enterprise Solution


Thong Ngo

Application Process

  1. Complete the IT Spartan Internship Application - include your resume, school transcripts and two references. 
  2. Send your application to Sharon Qi, Altamont Program Specialist.
  3. If you're a fit, we'll schedule an on-site interview to assess your qualifications.
  4. If all the steps are completed successfully, we'll welcome you the IT Spartan Internship!

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