Jody Winzelberg

Jody Winzelberg, AuDJody Winzelberg, Au.D.
Clinical Training Coordinator 
MQH 409


Dr. Winzelberg is a native New Yorker who has lived in Northern California since 1985. A staunch advocate for patients and families as well as for the profession of Audiology, Dr. Winzelberg served as a board member and the Legislative Liaison for the California Academy of Audiology for 12 years spearheading bills that protected consumers and advanced the profession of Audiology. Throughout her career she has been recognized for her leadership and has received many institutional and national awards including the American Academy of Audiology Active Advocate of the Year Award, The Audiology Foundation of America Professional Leadership Award and the Larry Mauldin Award for Excellence in Education in the Hearing Healthcare Profession. Dr. Winzelberg has given numerous lectures and presentations on both a local and national level. She has published peer-reviewed journal articles in Ear and Hearing, Laryngoscope, International Journal of Pediatric Otolaryngology and Otology and Neurotology.