Faculty - Conduct Research

The research participant pool provides student participants for faculty in the Lucas College of Business to conduct research approved by the university Institutional Review Board.

Conducting Behavioral Research Using the Participant Pool

Students in several courses are required to participate in research (or complete an alternative assignment) for course credit. These are behavioral-science based courses.

The college has licensed a Web-based system from SONA Systems for recruiting participants to sign up for experiments. Descriptions of your research studies using participants from the pool are posted on this website. The system provides functionality for posting, recruiting, scheduling, and crediting participants for Web-based and laboratory-based studies.

Approximately 1000 participant hours are available each semester, and hours will be distributed among researchers based upon requested need, with priority given to requests submitted by the deadline. If requested hours exceed the number available, hours will be equally distributed.

After the 12th week in the semester the pool will open to all researchers who want to run a study irrespective of how many hours they have already used (i.e., you must finish data collection for your studies by the 12th week of the semester to be guaranteed the number of hours you were allocated).

How to Use the Participant Pool

Researchers affiliated with the LCoB who wish to use these resources should complete the following steps:

  1. Obtain IRB approval for the research
  2. Submit a request for participant hours to Elizabeth Mullen, the pool coordinator.
  3. After receiving a SONA account, post the study on the College of Business SONA Systems web site so students can sign up to participate.
  4. Get approval for the study from the coordinator - make sure online studies ask for SONA IDs.
  5. Credit students who have participated in the study so they can receive course credit.

Need to learn how to use SONA as a researcher? Here is a video tutorial.