Instructors - Assign Research

Resources are available to instructors of courses that are active in the participant pool.

Instructors are issued SONA Instructor accounts that allow them to access SONA to view reports of student participation levels. Instructors are not able to see in which studies students have participated, but can see how students are progressing in their research experience credits. In addition, instructors may request a detailed report from the Coordinator, which may include the number of times students have logged into the SONA system.

If you wish to include your students in the participant pool (i.e., provide your students an opportunity to participate as a course requirement or for extra credit in your class), please email the participant pool coordinator, Elizabeth Mullen.

Links for Instructors

Handout on Research Experience for Students

View handout on research experience for students

Explanation of Research Requirement for your Syllabus

View the explanation of research requirement for your syllabus handout.