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Today's Look at Tomorrow's SJSU

SJSU is initiating a new campus master plan to implement Transformation 2030. This plan will address physical development for the main and south campuses as well as the University’s off-campus properties and connections with the City of San José through 2040.

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The Vision for SJSU in 2040

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About the Campus Master Plan

The SJSU Campus Master Plan lays out a vision for the campus, anticipates future spatial needs and addresses strategies for future growth.

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Plan Components

The Campus Master Plan aligns with our Transformation 2030 strategic plan and will integrate areas such as facilities, land use and buildings, mobility, infrastructure and other aspects of our campus.

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Project Timeline

A thorough and comprehensive initiative such as the Campus Master Plan is a big effort. Follow our process as we work to create a vision for SJSU's future campus.

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Get Involved

To be successful, broad community engagement with the CMP is a must! Our planning process will include numerous and ongoing opportunities for the campus and community to engage in this three-year initiative.

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Advisory Committee

SJSU’s Campus Master Plan is guided by an Advisory Committee consisting of students, faculty, staff and administrators.

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Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about the Campus Master Plan.