Where are we now?

The Campus Master Plan is currently in “Phase 5” of the timeline.

Phase Date Milestone
1 Spring/Summer 2020

The Campus Master Plan process began in the Spring of 2020.

1 Fall 2020

An Advisory Committee of students, faculty, key staff, administrators, the City of San José and the CSU Chancellor's Office was formed to meet at least once a semester to provide guidance over the Campus Master Planning process.

1 Spring 2021

The Campus Master Plan Preliminary Background Report explains the scope and process of the project, summarizes the overall campus context and direction, outlines existing issues and opportunities, and synthesizes this information into preliminary goals.

2 Fall 2021

Phase 2 will occur over the 2021-2022 Academic Year. During Phase 2, the framework for the Campus Master Plan will be discussed that will inform the Preferred Direction of the Campus Master Plan. This was the basis of the CEQA Analysis for the project.

2 Spring 2022
3 Spring 2023

Phase 3 entailed continued community involvement as well as required steps of the environmental review process:


  • Notice of Preparation [pdf] for the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) process covering SJSU Santa Clara County Locations;
  • Public scoping meeting on the environmental impact report, EIR, process;
  • Strategic Plan Campus Summit: review of Transformation 2023 mission and goals;
4 Fall 2023

Final Draft Plan SJSU Campus Master Plan (Santa Clara County Locations)

5 Spring 2024

The current phase will comprise of:

  • Draft Environmental Impact Report publication
  • Ongoing community engagement

Email campusmasterplan@sjsu.edu with comments or questions.

6 Summer 2024

The adoption of the plans and associated environmental impact reports by the California State University Board of Trustees.