Aerial view of a reimagined campus.

The Campus Master Plan Envisioned

The Campus Master Plan reimagines San José State University's campuses to integrate new and existing architecture with improvements to the public realm to better support a vibrant campus experience. Enhancements to the campus edges and entrances, addition to student housing, and strengthening of iconic heritage facilities all serve to transform the SJSU experience.

Tower Lawn and Tower View

Tower Lawn View

The redefinition of street-edge buildings on 4th Street creates “windows” into the historic core of SJSU. The buildings along 4th Street are like San Fernando in setting an impression of the University. The most powerful being the window on to Tower Lawn with Tower Hall, featured as the center of an iconic postcard view of SJSU. This window reconnects the heart of SJSU with the larger city.

9th street plaza view rendering

Northeast Plaza at 9th Street

Buildings framing the entrance to campus at 9th Street define a new signature open space of the Northeast Plaza. The Northeast Plaza is a large, iconic, welcoming landmark plaza that provides a moment of arrival and is designed to function as a showcase space for academic events. It is a social hub that extends and enhances the 9th Street Paseos curvilinear walkways and informal drifts of large canopy trees.

campus village 3 rendering

Campus Village 3

The next planned addition to SJSU's campus housing brings more Spartans to the core of San José's vibrant urban community. 1,007 new student beds, a Welcome Center and a 900-person capacity dining hall will replace Washburn Hall, Joe West Hall and the older Dining Commons. The CV3 effort also includes adding 517 affordable student beds across SJSU's housing stock.

south campus plaza view rendering

South Campus Plaza at Spartan Way

South Campus is part of a budding family entertainment district in the City of San José. It supports Spartan fans, athletics, recreational sports, intramurals, sport clubs, academic classes and research, and special events. The vision for South Campus is to unite the sports with a central plaza and the renovation of Spartan Way as a pedestrianized entertainment zone and improve the exterior conditions.