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Who We Are


Center for Faculty Development Directory


Deanna L. Fassett, PhD
Assistant Vice Provost for Faculty Development
Director, Center for Faculty Development
Office: IRC 213A
Email: deanna.fassett@sjsu.edu
Phone: 408-924-2600



Jennifer Redd, PhD
Senior Director, eCampus
Office: IRC 208
Email: jennifer.redd@sjsu.edu
Phone: (408) 924-2734



CFD+eCampus Administrative Support


Angelica Camino
Program Support Coordinator
Office: IRC 213
Email: angelica.camino@sjsu.edu
Phone: 408-924-3322


Faculty Development Analyst
Office: IRC 213
Phone: 408-924-2303


CFD+eCampus Faculty Computer Lab Consultation and Support


Jean Shiota
Faculty Computer Lab Coordinator
Office: IRC 212
Email: jean.shiota@sjsu.edu
Phone: 408-924-2884


CFD+eCampus Instructional Design Team


Anthony Bolaños
Instructional Designer
Office: IRC 206
Email: anthony.bolanos@sjsu.edu
Phone: (408) 924-2618


Shichen Guo
Instructional Designer
Office: IRC 206
Email: shichen.guo@sjsu.edu
Phone: (408) 924-2690


Klaus Trilck
Instructional Designer
Office: IRC 207
Email: klaus.trilck@sjsu.edu
Phone: (408) 924-2290


Yingjie Liu
Lead Instructional Designer
Office: IRC 207
Email: yingjie.liu@sjsu.edu
Phone: (408) 924-2433


Sara Wildman
Instructional Designer
Office: IRC 207
Email: sara.wildman@sjsu.edu
Phone: (408) 924-2863


CFD+eCampus Media Production Services


Teri Graziani
Media Production Specialist / Videographer
Office : IRC 310
Email: teri.graziani@sjsu.edu
Phone: (408) 924-4274


CFD+eCampus SJSU Online Support


Ken Anderson
SJSU Online Instructional Designer
Email: ken.anderson@sjsu.edu
Phone: (408) 924-2346


Khoa Chau
SJSU Online Multimedia Production Specialist / Videographer
Office: IRC 310
Email: khoa.chau@sjsu.edu
Phone: (408) 924-2435


Nick Duncan
SJSU Online Instructional Designer
Email: nick.duncan@sjsu.edu 
Phone: (408) 924-2306


Jake Watling
SJSU Online Graphic Designer
Email: jake.watling@sjsu.edu
Phone: (408) 924-2342


What We Do


We provide support for faculty and staff through:

One-on-one or small group consultation is available upon request via email: cfd@sjsu.edu or call 408-924-2600.

Faculty Computer Lab

faculty computer lab

Jean Shiota provides support for your software application needs at the CFD Faculty Lab located in IRC 212. The lab is equipped with both Windows and Macintosh computers, color and black and white laser printers, and color scanners.  Lab is open Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 7:30am to 3:30pm.

Media Production Services for Faculty 

SJSU’s Center for Faculty Development is here to support you in the creation of media for enhancing teaching and learning for any instructional modality.  These services include professional video recording from pre- to post-production, as well as graphic design and animation.