Additional Teaching Resources

The resources listed below consisted of a collection of web-based open source courseware or content that may be used to enhance your teaching.

  • Connexions: a repository of reusable educational materials  in arts, business, humanities, mathematics and statistics, science and technology and social science
  • Earth System Education: a digital library for earth system education
  • Flat World Knowledge Textbooks:  a collection of eTextbook by discipline from business and economics, humanities and social sciences and more.
  • Khan Academy: a non-profit organization that has over 3000 videos from arithmetic to physics, finance and history
  • KQED Education: offers videos specializing in STEM, arts, and news content
  • MIT Open Courseware: a collection of web-based publication of MIT course content
  • MERLOT: a collection of free course materials at CSU
  • Open Courseware Consortium: a repository of free and open digital publication of college and university-level education materials
  • PBS Learning Media: a collection of free digital resources including videos and interactive content
  • Plunkett Research: provides information and videos on market research, industry statistics, trends and in-depth analysis of top companies
  • SJSU Research Guides:  a library of research guides by topic at SJSU