Undergraduate Program Learning Objectives

I. Core Chemistry Ideas (Fundamentals) 

PLO 1.1 - Students will be able to identify, formulate, and solve a range of chemistry problems (fundamental to complex) through application of mathematical, scientific, and chemical principles. 

PLO 1.2 - Students will be able to recognize, relate, and/or apply chemistry terms and concepts to propose and solve interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary real world problems. 

II. Experimentation/Lab Practice 

PLO 2.1 - Students will be able to develop an experiment to address a hypothesis using literature and execute the planned experiment using standard chemistry techniques.

PLO 2.2 - Students will be able to acquire, record, and critically evaluate data through use of instrumentation and software, appropriate record keeping practices, figure preparation, and scrutiny of experimental results.

PLO 2.3 - Students will be able to recognize and assess laboratory hazards, practice risk minimization, and conduct safe laboratory practices.

III. Community, Social, Societal Implications 

PLO 3.1 - Students will be able to explore, critique, and reflect on how chemistry relates to society, culture, and issues of equity and ethics that shape their scientific beliefs and identities.

PLO 3.2 - Students will be able to identify as scientists within the scientific community through constructing peer reviews, engaging in collaborations, and participating in mentorship.

IV. Communication Skills

PLO 4.1 - Students will be able to design and deliver engaging presentations on diverse chemistry topics in a professional manner and with clear, concise organization that demonstrates mastery of the topic.

PLO 4.2 - Students will be able to integrate research findings into a concise original written report that either analyzes collected data and obtained results or reviews and reflects on published scientific work.

PLO 4.3 - Students will be able to identify an audience and construct a message tailored to that audience and act as a science ambassador by conveying the importance of the research or topic of study. 

PLO 4.4 - Students will be able to prepare professional documents, such as résumés and cover letters, that accurately represent the students’ skills and knowledge for graduate/professional school or potential future employers.