Photo Gallery

Two women working at an event are ready to serve soft drinks.A teacher and student are reviewing material on the wall in front of them.A student attending a workshop is writing in her notebook.Program Director Lilly Pinedo is speaking with a student sitting at a table.Eight students particpate in a group exercise called the human knot.Four students participating in a group exercise by joinging hands.Dr. Barrerai and Program Coordinator Elisa Aquino pose wearing SJSU t-shirts.Two students share a friendly embrace at a group event.Two students greet and shake hands during an outdoor group exercise.Seven diverse college students pose for a portrait at the Student Success Center.Students sit around a small table discussing questions from thier questionnaire.College students and staff hold a hand-made project from a group activity.A student from behind the counter greets another student by shaking her hand.Students sit around the classroom with eyes focused on the speaker in the center.Two women have a conversation while other students wait in line behind them.Group shot of young college students at the Student Success Center.Group of four Chicanx/Latinx people sitting at a table.Eight women around a table, while other students sit and stand behind them.Diverse students around a table, while other students sit and stand behind themSeven students gathered around a table at an SJSU event.