Remote Labs

Remote Desktop Access to Physical Labs

In addition to our virtual labs, we also make available RDP access to many of our physical computer labs. These are physical PC labs that can not or have not been virtualized yet. They may also be research labs that connect to specialized equipment. 

How To Access Remote Labs

1. Connect to SJSU VPN.

2. Visit our COE Remote Computer Access Webpage

3. Select what lab you want to connect to in the left column of the webpage

4. Click connect on any available computer you see in your desired lab. Note: If you see the computer listed, its available as each computer only allows a single connection at a time.

5. Enter your SJSUOne credentials to logon.

6. Please logoff when your done using the lab computer.

For a more detailed walkthough in connecting to this environment, please follow this link: Detailed Instructions for Using COE Remote Access Labs