Desktop Support

Desktop Support for Faculty and Staff

Tiers of support:

Tier 1: Helpdesk support: First point of contact for reporting an issue. Issue is triaged by IT Tech and if possible, resolved over the phone. If issue can not be resolved over the phone, IT tech assigns to Tier 2 or Tier 3 support based on type of request.

Examples of Tier 1 support are: Password resets, basic computer and software questions.

Tier 2: Desktop Support: When issue can not be resolved over the phone, a IT Tech can be dispatched to the requester's office/lab and further troubleshoot and resolve the reported issue.  If the IT tech is unable to resolve, they have the ability to escalate the issue to Tier 3 support.

Examples of Tier 2 support are: Software/hardware problems and installations, printing issues. 

Tier 3: Expert/Campus Level Support: Tier 3 is the final escalation point for requesters. ECS will handle/process/resolve all Tier 3 issues.

Examples of Tier 3 support are: Network or Server type requests, phone requests, complex desktop support/lab issues that have not been resolved by previous tiers of support. 

For departments that do not have their own computer technician: ECS will cover all tiers of support. For departments that are able to staff their own technician, they will be expected to provide Tier 1 and Tier 2 support and can escalate as needed to ECS for Tier 3 support. All requests for Desktop Support from ECS should be submitted to the Engineering iSupport portal.


Desktop Support for COE Labs

It is the responsibility of ECS to manage all hardware and software computer related requests to all labs under the control of the Dean’s Office.  ECS will coordinate with faculty using these labs to ensure the requested software needed in each lab is installed and ready for the use before the beginning of each semester. Faculty should submit all lab related software requests no later than two weeks before the start of the semester to allow proper time for ECS to build updated images for labs, test the new software, and deploy updated images to specific labs.  All other requests for software updates should be held until the following semester unless absolute urgent.

All requests for Lab Support from ECS should be submitted to the Engineering iSupport portal.