Server and Network Support

Server Support

ECS is responsible for developing and maintaining a production server environment that supports the core services the College of Engineering requires. This includes file and print servers,  license servers, web servers, and several other application servers. All departments that have a need for a server should submit a request to ECS so we can work with you to understand your requirements and design the appropriate server to meet your needs. ECS is able to provide a secure area for all department based servers which faculty and staff can be granted access to upon request. All requests for new servers or space allocation in our server room should be submitted via the Engineering iSupport portal.


Network Services

SJSU’s Information Technology Services (ITS) is responsible for managing and maintaining the wired and wireless network in the COE. However, ECS will act as the first level of support for all network issues and triage the issue and report to ITS for resolution. This includes network connection issues, firewall port requests, new port activations, and cabling requests as well. All requests for network related items should be submitted via the Engineering iSupport portal.