Unix Support

ECS provides a basic level of support to our Unix labs in the EE and CMPE departments. To utilize these labs you will use our SJSUOne logon account to access these labs. Remote SSH and RDP access has been setup for these labs, but you must install the SJSU Cisco VPN Client before you can connect to these labs. Once you have your VPN connection established, if you are going to connect via RDP, please ensure you make changes to your display settings in RDP to connect at High Color 16 bit Color. The default is set at Highest Quality 32 bit. As a student of these labs you are allocated a 4GB home drive. This home drive is erased at the end of every semester so please make sure you backup any files you want to keep to a personal USB drive before the semester is over. If you have any question you may reach out to your faculty member teaching this lab or ECS.