The ISREE Challenge: Climate Solutions Initiative

In Fall 2008, The Center on Ethics, in cooperation with SJSU Deans, put this vision into action. We launched a University-wide course titled Climate Initiatives Solutions, catalogued as UNVS 196D. Six SJSU faculty, each from a different college, guided teams of four or five students through concrete environmental issues.

Climate Solutions Initiative - 2008: The Six Teams

Learn more about the six student teams who created climate solutions initiative proposals.

Climate Solutions Initiative -2008: The Judges

Meet the judges who were drawn from Silicon Valley leaders in business, education, and social policy.

Climate Solutions Initiative - 2008: The Winners

After weighing the merits of each group's presentation as to feasibility, innovativeness, and global impact the four judges allocated awards. Learn about the student proposals that won.

Executive Summaries of the Six Teams Presentations

Read the executive summaries of the six student team proposals.