Climate Solutions Initiative - 2008: The Winners

After weighing the merits of each group's presentation as to feasibility, innovativeness, and global impact the four judges allocated awards:

First Place went to "Through you, through food."

Faculty advisor: Prof. Eugene Cordero (College of Science)

Student Project Team:

  • Sarah Callahan, (Spanish, Humanities and the Arts)
  • Wei Kie Fong, (Health Services Administration, Applied Sciences and Art)
  • Kathleen Hendricks, (Finance, Business)
  • Elizabeth Jalone, (Graduate Business)
  • Justin Mackiewicz, (Mechanical Engineering, Engineering)

Second Place went to "Grow Smart, Grow Up."

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Lawrence Quill (College of Social Science)

Student Project Team:

  • Mohammad Beheshtaein, (Nutritional Science, CASA)
  • Jacob Deline, (Business Management, Col. of Business)
  • Craig Hyatt, (Business Management, Col. of Business)
  • Christopher Slafter, (Philos., Col. of Hum.& the Arts)
  • Wilson Tsan, (Industrial and Systems Engineering, College of Engineering)

Third Place was awarded to "Changing Campus Culture: A Greenprint for SJSU."

Faculty advisor: Prof. Anne Fountain (College of Humanities and the Arts)

Student Project Team:

  • Jessica Bruns, (Hospitality, Applied Sciences and Arts)
  • Onder Kustu, (Finance, Business)
  • Alvin Lee, (Elect. Engineering, Engineering)
  • Daisuke Seto, (Meteorology, Science)

The following teams received honorable mention:

"Triple Bottom Line Evaluation of Barren Land."

Faculty advisor: Prof. Jinny Rhee (College of Engineering)

Student Project Team:

  • Mike Alvarado, (Anthropology, Social Sciences)
  • Shabnam Khan, (Finance, Business)
  • Jonathan Sandhu, (Political Science, Social Sciences)
  • Shelby Troxell, (Marketing, Business)

"Better Parking/Safety for Bikes & Motorcycles."

Faculty advisor: Prof. Asbjorn Osland (College of Business)

Student Project Team:

  • Morgan Chivers, (Social Science)
  • Kimberley De Hart, CASA (Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism Management)
  • Ryan Donovan, (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Sean Omweg, (Philosophy)

"Green Traveler Guidebook: Making Tourism a Sustainable Activity."

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Ranjan Bandyopadhyay (College of Applied Sciences and Arts)

Student Project Team:

  • Tracy Doan, (Business Administration/Finance)
  • Reuben Thibodeau, (Electrical Engineering)
  • Robert Tompkins, (Philosophy)
  • Ho Chung Yeung, (Business Administration/Marketing)