Steps for Completing Your Graduate Degree

While this page summarizes most of the policies and steps that a graduate student must follow to get their degree, it does not replace our university catalog which covers them in greater detail. For further information on any of our policies please visit our online catalog which has our SJSU Graduate Policies and Procedures.

You can also review our Steps to Graduation brochure or pick one up in-person at the Student Services Center, Window G, located on the corner of 9th & San Fernando Streets.


First Semester Obligations

As a newly admitted SJSU graduate student there are several things to consider and complete during your first semester at San Jose State University. Please take the time to read your admission letter from SJSU as it contains important information regarding your admission status.

Official Matriculation

You will not be considered an officially matriculated graduate student until you register for courses in the first semester after admission. SJSU does not defer admission, so if for any reason you cannot attend your first semester, you will need to re-apply to the university for the next semester you wish to attend. Although you indicated your intent to attend SJSU in our Next Steps questionnaire, your actual enrollment in classes is your official notification to SJSU of this intent. Registration for summer courses does not count as an official matriculation. 

Provisional Admission (University)

Some graduate students receive a provisional admission. Your admission letter from SJSU as well as your "To Do" list on MySJSU will state the specific documents or tasks you need to complete in order to have these provisions cleared. If you do not have these provisions cleared by the deadlines listed on your MySJSU account, a hold will be placed on your record and you will not be able to register for subsequent semesters. Provisional admission is a status that is placed by Graduation Admissions & Program Evaluations so it cannot be removed by your graduate department. 

Graduate Classification (Department)

Your graduate department will admit you either to a conditionally classified or classified standing. If you are admitted conditionally classified, you will have prerequisites needed to be completed as outlined in your admission letter from SJSU. These prerequisites must be taken before you can be move into classified standing and advanced to graduate candidacy. If you have any questions on the prerequisites listed on your admissions letter, please contact your graduate advisor. 

Department Advising or Orientation

The university holds a Graduate Orientation every semester for incoming graduate students.  Many departments and colleges hold additional orientations.  Determine if your department will hold a group orientation at the beginning of your first semester. You should also schedule a one-on-one meeting with your graduate advisor. In both cases, you will receive information about department requirements and the courses in which you are expected to enroll. 


Transfer Credit

Before applying for candidacy, students can petition for transfer credit via the Course Transfer Validation Form. Transfer credit can be awarded by the graduate advisor for post-baccalaureate courses taken at another university, as long as the courses were not counted for degree credit, or for graduate-level courses taken during the senior year as an SJSU undergraduate (final two undergraduate semesters) if the courses did not contribute to the bachelor’s degree. Transfer work must be from institutions that were listed on your initial application to SJSU and must be from an accredited institution. Other restrictions are indicated in the university catalog. Petitions must be signed by your graduate advisor before submitting them to our office for approval.  


Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR)

University Policy requires that all graduate students demonstrate competency in written English. Graduate students must satisfy the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) before advancement to candidacy. View the Approved GWAR Course List  and Catalog GWAR Information for more details.


Pre-Candidacy Requirements

Most graduate students apply for candidacy after their first year as a graduate student. Before a student can apply for candidacy the following requirements must already be met. Please be sure that you have met the following pre-requisites or your candidacy application will be denied.

  • Have any planned transfer units already approved (See Transfer Credit).
  • Completed a minimum of 9 graded units (100 or 200 level courses), all with grades of C or better, for the program.
  • Have completed the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR), also known as the Competency in Written English.
  • Be in graduate classified standing. Students who are still in conditionally classified standing must submit a change of classification form that is signed by your graduate advisor. This form can be submitted at the same time as your candidacy petition.
  • Have a cumulative grade point average of a 3.0 in all courses listed on the candidacy and all courses taken as a graduate student. Lower division courses are not included in this calculation.

Related Form

Change of Classification Form can be found on our "Forms" page.


Advancement To Candidacy Petition

Once you have met your pre-candidacy requirements, you should meet with your advisor to start the advancement-to-candidacy process. Your Petition for Advancement to Graduate Candidacy form (“candidacy form”) serves as a contract between Graduate Admissions & Program Evaluations, your graduate department, and you indicating that by successfully completing the courses listed on the candidacy form you will receive a master's degree from San Jose State University. The initial advisor meeting varies among departments. Some departments fill out the candidacy form for the student, while other departments allow the student to fill out the form themselves and meet with the graduate advisor at a later time. This meeting will also be when you state whether you plan on completing a Thesis or Project. When filling out the candidacy form the following requirements must be met:

  • Advancement to candidacy is permitted only when: (1) all conditions of admission, if applicable, are met, (2) nine letter-graded units, (3) ALL with grades of C or better and (4) a GPA of 3.0 or better have been achieved (in both your program coursework and your overall graduate GPA), and (5) the GWAR is completed successfully.
  • At least half the units listed for your graduate program must be from 200-level courses, and a minimum of 60% must be letter graded courses.
  • As much as 30% of the courses listed may be from transfer credit work, including from the senior undergraduate year at SJSU, from other universities where the course was not taken for degree credit, or from any advisor-approved Open University courses such as certificate courses. Courses from other departments at SJSU taken as a graduate student are not considered transfer work. See Transfer Credit for more information.
  • Courses that may not be used on the candidacy petition are basic skills courses (below 100 level), student teaching, 300-level residence, and 400-level extended studies courses taken at SJSU.
  • Generally, a maximum of 6 semester units of credit for 298 project, 299 thesis, or a combination of these courses or others in which culminating experiences are conducted may be listed. For more units, permission should be sought from the Office of GS&R.
  • All courses listed must be within the appropriate time limit of the program. 
  • All conditions imposed for admission must be satisfied, or the department forfeits the right to enforce them.
  • GWAR must be satisfied by the means indicated on the form.

More information on the candidacy approval requirements can be found in the SJSU catalog.

Deadlines and Notification

The deadline to submit your candidacy will depend on when you plan on graduating. Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations needs at a minimum of two months to properly evaluate your candidacy petition and notify you. Please see our current candidacy deadlines to see when you should submit this petition. You will be notified if your candidacy petition has been approved or denied through the mail, and under "Other Indicators" in your My SJSU account. If you have been approved for candidacy, you will still need to submit a graduation application when you are ready to receive your degree. Please read Applying for Graduation for further details. If your candidacy is denied you will receive a letter in the mail detailing the exact steps you need to do to clear any deficiencies.

Course Substitutions to Candidacy

After receiving your candidacy approval, any future course changes from the original candidacy program must be approved by your graduate advisor and our office. You will need to complete a course substitution form and have your graduate advisor sign it and submit it to our office prior to your expected date of graduation. Please note that completed/graded courses cannot be removed from an approved candidacy petition.

Related Forms

Petition for Advancement to Candidacy Petition and the
Request for Course Substitution Form can be found on our "Forms" page.


Academic Standing

After being admitted to candidacy, students must maintain certain academic requirements to remain in good standing. These include:

  • Completing all courses in your candidacy program with grades of A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, or CR. Grades of C-, D+, D, D-, and F remain on the program and will continue to be computed in your grade point average. You must petition through your graduate advisor to add another course to your program with unit value equivalent to that course in which you received the unsatisfactory grade.
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of a 3.0 ("B") in completing the requirements for the master's degree listed on the candidacy form. If you fail to maintain this GPA, you may be put on academic probation by the university. Failure to raise your GPA to a 3.0 or above after being placed on academic probation may then result in being academically disqualified from SJSU. If you are disqualified from the university please contact your graduate advisor as there will be several procedures you need to complete if you plan on applying for reinstatement.


Thesis and Project Requirements

One of the major requirements for completing your degree is doing a University thesis or dissertation, department project, or comprehensive examination. Departments vary in what they require or allow their students to complete. Please consult with your graduate advisor to find out what is expected to complete your final requirement. Below is a brief description of the three options that a student must complete.

Plan A: Thesis or Doctoral Dissertation

This plan requires selection and approval (by the graduate advisor and/or the candidate's committee) of a thesis or dissertation topic and its successful completion and production in bound form. Students completing a thesis must register for their departmental 299 course. The thesis or dissertation will not only be reviewed by your department committee for content but will also be reviewed by the Office of Graduate Studies for acceptable university thesis requirements. Because of this, the process for completing and submitting a thesis or dissertation is an intensive one that requires students to follow strict deadlines and requirements. For a copy of the current University Thesis/Dissertation Guidelines, detailed instructions on how, where, and when to submit your work, as well as general contact information regarding questions and assistance, please visit the Office of Graduate Studies website.

Plan B: Department Project or Comprehensive Examination

This plan requires students to undergo a combination of a comprehensive examination, final paper, or project. Students do not have to submit copies or grade results of these papers to the Graduate Office for review. Plan B students do not register for departmental 299, Master's Thesis, but may be required to register for the departmental 298 or an identical final course required by your department.

Plan C: Creative Project

This plan is reserved for cases in which the final requirement is met through a special creative assignment. Such creative assignments may include original paintings, dramatic presentations, motion picture productions, works of sculpture, musical compositions, videotapes and similar items. The student is required to submit a written report on the creative project that follows the same guidelines and formatting as the Plan A Thesis. This written report is to be bound and filed in the library in the same manner as a regular thesis. Plan C requires registration in the departmental 299 course. For a copy of the current University Thesis Guidelines, detailed instructions on how, where, and when to submit the creative project, as well as general contact information regarding thesis/creative project related questions, please visit the Office of Graduate Studies and Research website.


Applying for Graduation

When a student is ready to graduate with their graduate degree they must apply for graduation through self-service in their MySJSU account. A MySJSU message will be sent to the student approximately 2 weeks after being approved for advancement to candidacy. Please note that you must have an approved Departmental Request for Candidacy form on file before you apply to graduate. A video tutorial is provided on our GAPE Forms page as a guide.

There is no fee for the initial application for graduation but if the student fails to graduate in their intended semester they must file a Graduation Date Change Request and pay $10. The deadlines to submit the Graduation Date Change Request are the same as the deadlines to submit the initial graduation application.

Graduation degree requirements are reviewed after the semester in which you intend to graduate ends and after the grades for that semester are posted by the Registrars Office.

Deadlines and Notification

Our deadline dates to submit your graduation application are early at the start of your intended graduation semester so be sure to plan accordingly.

You will be notified when your application for graduation has been received by our office  under "Other Indicators" in you My SJSU account.



Completing Your Degree (Final Semester)

Your final semester at SJSU will be very busy because, in addition to taking your final courses, you will be in the process of completing your final project or thesis. Moreover there will be several university and department deadlines and requirements that you will also have to be aware of and complete. Here are several steps that you need to be sure that you have completed so that your degree is not delayed:

  • Make sure you have applied to graduate in your intended graduation semester by the proper deadline. See Applying for Graduation for further details. Remember, if you do not complete your graduation requirements, you will need to submit a reactivation form to apply for graduation at a later semester.
  • Clear up any incomplete grades that you may have as your degree can not be granted until you have grades in all courses listed on your candidacy program.
  • Ensure all coursework on your transcript have a grade.  No course can occur on the transcript with an incomplete, RP or RD grade - even if the course is not a part of your candidacy program. 
  • If you did not take a course that was listed on your candidacy, you need to submit a course substitution form to replace that course with a course you did take. See Advancement to Candidacy Petition for more information.
  • If you received an unsatisfactory grade (below a C) on any course listed on your candidacy, you need to add another course to your candidacy program. See Academic Standing for more information.
  • If you are doing a Plan A Thesis, make sure you have submitted your thesis to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research for review and binding by the correct deadline.
  • Complete all department requirements (e.g. final projects, exams). After you have completed your final project, thesis, or exam, your department will verify with us that you have completed all of the department requirements by submitting either a Verification of Culminating Experience Memo (available only via the departmental graduate advisor) or by your completion of a pre-determined final course in your department. While students are not responsible for submitting this form, make sure that your advisor has sent this memo or that you have completed this final course to verify your completion of all department degree requirements.
  • Finally, make sure you have your current mailing address and email listed in your My SJSU account so that Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations can properly send your diploma and email you important graduation notifications.
  • It is important to note that graduate students who have completed all courses for their degree except for their culminating experience, project assignment, or entire thesis are expected to maintain enrollment each semester (Fall and Spring) until all requirements are completed. Graduate students may not stop out for even one semester and cannot be granted leaves of absence for any reason other than military leave and severe medical issues. Departments can require repeated enrollment in project or thesis classes each semester until completion, thereby precluding the need for the 1290R course. View Catalog Policy for more details. 

Commencement and Department Ceremony

The SJSU commencement ceremony is held once a year at the end of May. Students who have applied for graduation in the Spring semester or have graduated in the most recent Fall or Summer semesters are eligible to attend. In early spring, all eligible students are mailed a commencement guide that details this event and how to participate in the ceremony. Most departments also hold their own graduation ceremonies. Please contact your department to find out more information on their own celebrations.

Notification of Degree Posting

At the end of each semester and after grades have been posted, Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations begins clearing your graduation. We will verify that you have met all of the candidacy and graduation requirements. If you clear graduation we will then post your degree on your transcript and mail your diploma. We will also notify you via  "Other Indicators" in your My SJSU account. If for any reason you do not clear graduation we will also notify you via mail and detail the exact steps you need to take to clear your deficiencies. Due to the lengthy process involved and the large amounts of applications for graduation that Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations receives, the process for clearing graduation can take up to three months after your graduation semester is over.


Leave of Absences

San Jose State University allows for several options if you need to take some time off from pursuing your graduate degree. The following are options that some graduate students may use if they plan on being away from SJSU.

Missing One Semester

Students who have attended one semester as a graduate student may choose to be voluntarily absent from the university (not enroll) for one semester (Fall or Spring) without applying for an official leave of absence. Students must return in the semester following the one semester leave or they will have to re-apply for admission. Summer and Winter registration is not required nor do they count as being in a matriculation status.

Official Leave of Absence

Students may miss more than one semester by applying for an official leave of absence. Forms for applying for these leaves may be picked up at the Registrar's Office in the Student Services Center or online at the Registrar's website under Forms.

Leave of Absence For International Students

International students may not take a leave of absence and must remain in the United States except for documented medical reasons. International students must be enrolled in a full course of study (9 units) for two semesters annually. Winter and Summer registration is not required. If you have further questions please contact the International Programs and Services Office.

Please contact the Registrar's Office for any questions about leave of absences.


Time Limits For Completing Degree

Graduate students must complete their degree program within their appropriate time limit. Courses completed in master’s degree programs can be no older than seven years at the time of the degree award. Courses completed in doctoral degree programs can be no older than five years at the time of the degree award. If courses become outdated a student has the following options:

  • Repeat the outdated course without credit.
  • Revalidate the outdated coursework by examination. This petition must be initiated by your graduate advisor.

Visit the SJSU catalog for more information on graduate time limits: Masters-Time Limit and Doctoral-Time Limit.

Related Form

Request for Re-validation of Course that Has Exceeded the Seven-Year Time Limit (Seven-Year Time Limit)