Graduation is the completion of degree requirements. This page provides an overview of the graduation application process, timelines, and degree conferral. You will learn about:

Submit Your Graduation Application

Students must apply for their expected graduation date. Visit the sections below to identify when and how to apply for graduation.  

Understand Graduation Requirements

Graduate students are required to maintain certain graduation requirements after candidacy advancement. View the policies that govern graduation below.

Know About Degree Postponement

Culminating graduate students may need additional time to complete their degree. Review the actions below to assist you with finalizing your graduate program.

Participate in Commencement Ceremony

We encourage you to celebrate your accomplishment by participating in a commencement ceremony. View the information below for event details. 

Learn How a Degree is Officially Awarded

It's important to know how our office will award your degree after you have completed all requirements. Discover GAPE's review process below.