About Us

SJSU’s Healthy Development Community Clinic (HDCC) provides services that support holistic wellness for children, youth, and families, while also giving graduate and undergraduate students opportunities for field-specific and interdisciplinary training. Through primary prevention and early intervention, we seek to reduce stigma, foster mental wellness, and increase community connection through culturally-responsive services. We seek to create safe spaces for children, youth, and families to find support and a sense of community, with the goal of promoting equity by improving access to care and reducing health disparities.

Our Mission 

Located in South San Jose at Oak Grove High School, the Healthy Development Community Clinic (HDCC) is a unique interprofessional community clinic, promoting equity through wellness for children, youth, and families in the lowest income areas of Silicon Valley.

How we serve the community:

  • Provide high-quality physical, psychological, communicative, and relational wellness through screenings, brief assessments, short-term services, education, and referrals.
  • Community-based for accessibility, community need-driven; and locally networked.
  • Offer culturally-sustaining and trauma-informed practices, building on clients' existing strengths, protective factors, social supports, and cultural resources.
  • Create interprofessional internships and practica for SJSU students.
  • Bridge physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional domains.
  • Research-to-practice implementation for SJSU students and faculty.

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