Using the MPH Google Group / Netiquette

Using the MPH Google Group &  Netiquette

The MPH Google Group is an optional service available to existing MPH students and faculty only. The group provides us with a communication vehicle that can be used to share information, post job openings, and make announcements to fellow students. The following guidelines have been developed to ensure that the Group continues to be an efficient, useful tool for us all. There is also a Google group for SJSU MPH alumni.

  • When sending a message through the group, include your name and the way you prefer to be contacted in your message.
  • Please clearly identify the purpose of your email in the subject line to allow people the chance to screen their messages.
  • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Please be respectful of their right to express it.
  • All SJSU MPH students and alumni may subscribe to their respective group.
  • Always be attentive to others' feelings when sending anything through the group.

The following types of submissions are inappropriate (adapted from

  • Commercial solicitations, advertisements (SPAMS) or invitations to commercially-hosted events, including product or service user groups.
  • Topics generally irrelevant to the Department of Health Science community
  • Personal communications between individuals
  • Replies to individuals' requests for information which is obviously not of significant interest to the membership at large
  • Personal criticism of individuals or even substantive contributions which violate professional protocol
  • Personal or confidential information about others. Do not give out email addresses unless authorized by the individual.
  • Messages whose content, were it posted, might present legal problems for MPH Group or its members
  • Messages of inconsequential or non-substantive content, such as merely posting "I agree" without contributing substantively to the discussion. (Such replies should be sent directly to the author of the original message.)
  • Messages devoted solely to humor or light conversation.