Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE)

Address:   750 First St, NE #910, Washington DC
Phone Number:   202-408-9804

The Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE) is an independent international professional organization founded in 1950 to provide leadership to the profession of health education and to contribute to the health of all people through (1) advances in health education theory and research; (2) excellence in health education practice; and (3) promotion of public policies conducive to health. SOPHE has some 4,000 national and local members in 20 chapters covering 30 states and 25 foreign countries. In addition to its newsletter News and Views, SOPHE produces two leading journals in the field of health education: Health Education and Behavior and Health Promotion Practice. Your first year's membership to SOPHE is paid for through your dues to the MPH Student Association!

Dr. Daniel Perales and Dr. Kathleen Roe are both Past-Presidents. Kathleen Roe (Health Science Dept. Chair) is a Past President (2000-2001) and former member of the Board of Trustees. Dan Perales was treasurer and a former Co-Vice President and Trustee. Edward Mamary is former Co-Vice President and Trustee, and former Co-chair of the faculty caucus. Anne Demers formerly served as a House of Delegates Trustee and as Co-chair of the faculty caucus. Many of our alumni have or are currently serving in leadership positions including Carol Azar (MPH, 2000) as Trustee, Mary Nacionales and Mai Mai Cantos (both MPH 2000) were members of the Open Society Commission, Karen Walters (MPH, 2000) was a member of the Resource Development Committee. Mary Nacionales currently serves as treasure. In addition, students and faculty serve on numerous planning committees and SOPHE task forces. Dr. Roe is on the Editorial Board of Health Promotion Practice and Dr. Perales was on the Board of Health Education and Behavior.