Graduation Procedures

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Graduation Procedures

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  1. Attend one bi-annual graduation application seminar where you can submit these forms (October and April). If you missed the seminar, please complete the following procedures.
  2. Go to this website and complete the graduation application.
    • Make sure to check the box for the semester of your anticipated graduation at the top. Your semester of graduation is the same one of your internship.
    • Make sure you identify a Bachelor of Science of Recreation, Concentration Recreation Therapy. 
    • In the line that requests, “Non-SJSU college work not yet submitted…” please list all classes you plan to take in the future (all remaining classes after this semester) and any courses that have not yet transferred from a different educational institution.
    • In the line that requests, “List the college courses in which you are currently enrolled.” Please list all classes in progress.
    • Print and sign the graduation application.
  3. Print your unofficial transcripts.
  4. Fill out the MAJOR FORM electronically (not pen/pencil). Please refer to mysjsu and your transcripts to make sure that every single data point is correct. Make sure to accurately insert the semester you completed each course and your earned grade. Make sure you add a “+” or a “-“ if that is indicated in your transcripts.


After Your Graduation Packet is Accepted

  1. Make an appointment with a GE advisor to confirm that you have fulfilled all GE requirements.
  2. If you substituted a course after you submitted your Major Form please use the Course Substitution Form in order to properly communicate this change to the registrar.This is critical in order to have a smooth, successful, and timely graduation. Course Substitution Form [pdf]