Green Engineering Minor

The Green Engineering Minor studies ways in which engineering can contribute to solutions to protect the environment, global resources, and human life. These solutions include designing technology and promoting processes and policies that are efficient and socially responsible. It also includes developing methods that are environmentally and human friendly as well as sustainable for the long term.

This minor's goals are to:

  • Apply the principles of green and sustainable engineering to engineering problems.
  • Analyze the economic and environmental impact of biofuels, photovoltaics, rechargeable batteries, and fuel cells.
  • Use life cycle thinking in engineering activities.
  • Participate in student research projects that apply new, sustainable and environmentally sound technologies and methods to real world problems.

The Green Engineering minor is housed in the General Engineering program in the SJSU Davidson College of Engineering. The course requirements of this program can be found on this page Course Requirements. Among the required 12-unit, 3-unit should be from an elective course. The following is a list of pre-approved electives.  Perquisites of some of these pre-approved courses can be waived by the course instructors for students pursuing Green Engineering minor.

Students can propose other elective courses to General Engineering advisor in ENGR491.

CE 170 Principles of Environmental Engineering
CE 173 Engineering for the Environment
CHE 174 Hazardous Materials
ISE 114 Safety Engineering
ME 140 Green & Sustainable Product Design
ME 170 Solar Energy Engineering
TECH 140 Green and Sustainable Product Design
TECH 145 Lean Manufacturing
TECH 147 Green Manufacturing Analysis and Management.

To add Green Engineering minor, students should complete the following forms and submit the forms to Prof. Jack Warecki for approval.

Make an appointment with Prof. Warecki

To change the Minor Form after it is officially filed, students should fill out a subsitution form [pdf] and submit it to Prof. Warecki for approval.