Program Overview

M.S. Engineering - Engineering Building, David Schmitz

The MSE degree is an interdisciplinary program with the primary objectives of offering the practicing engineer the opportunity to develop a wide range of knowledge and skills needed to function in today's complex industrial environment.

The program is designed to provide flexibility for students who need coursework that is interdisciplinary and not available through the other engineering programs in the college. The MSE program typically includes courses from at least three different programs in the College of Engineering, and may also use courses in the College of Science or the College of Business.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Master’s of Science General Engineering Program will be able to:

  1. Evaluate and apply advanced engineering principles, methods, and tools to solving  problems or improving efficiency.
  2. Design and implement a component, system, or process to meet design specifications and objectives.
  3. Understand and advance the frontiers of emerging technologies.
  4. Understand the social, economic and political context of contemporary engineering practice and its ethics; understand the impact of engineering solutions on society and the environment.
  5. Communicate effectively in both oral and written forms.

Students that complete the MSE program will also meet the University Learning Goals.

Degree Requirements

Students must complete 30 units of coursework, including a culminating experience (thesis or project), as described in the SJSU Catalog.