Priya Raman

Spartan Spirit Head

Director of Assessment



I am the current Director of Assessment at San José State University (2020-present). I provide leadership for development and support of student learning assessment related training, mentoring, curriculum development, assessment management systems and software resources, and program planning processes. With my team of Assessment Facilitators from across all our Colleges, I support academic programs as they continue to hone their twin inquiry and reflective mindsets while assessing student learning. In my role, I continue to collaborate with the Center for Faculty Development to provide appropriate resources and training opportunities for new and continuing faculty colleagues. 

I am a third-year Senator in SJSU’s Academic Senate, where I proudly represent the College of Social Sciences. I am the incoming Faculty-at-Large representative to the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate. I am the past Chair of SJSU's Institutional Review Board, and was re-elected as Chair of this Senate Operating Committee for three straight terms. Previously,  I served on the Senate’s Professional Standards Committee with a special focus on RTP Reforms, and was the elected Chair of the Curriculum and Assessment Committee in the Department of Communication Studies. 

My skill sets and my service commitments highlight my interest and enthusiasm for exploring complex and interesting problems, forming coalitions between diverse groups and parties, designing collaborative and sustainable training programs, and contributing to student and faculty success by helming innovative, pragmatic, and pedagogically sound solutions, that are at the intersections of empowerment, knowledge creation,information dissemination, and communication management. I am an avid quizzer, a science fiction enthusiast, and eternally curious about culture, human behavior, and the worlds within, and outside of us. Growing up an Army brat, service to others was drilled into us from an early age, and has been a guiding principle of everyday life ever since. The family motto has always been to "Bash on Regardless".