University Dashboards

Quick Facts

San José State University offers around 2,400 courses and 5,400 course-sections a semester. These dashboard provide summary data of SJSU's students, faculty, and employees.


Throughout these dashboards, view the number of courses and sections offered, daily enrollment updates, grade distribution by semester, and the Induced Course Load Matrix (ICLM), which is a matrix that shows the enrollment distribution across colleges and course prefixes.


For all faculty, only headcount and full-time equivalent faculty (FTEF) are reported. Full-time equivalent students (FTES) and student-to-faculty ratio (SFR) are available only for the instructional faculty dashboards.



San José State University supports approximately 33,000 regular session students and about 3,000 special session students enrolled in degree and credential programs. Throughout these dashboards, view the number of applications, student enrollment data, degrees awarded, and retention and graduation rates.

For Faculty and Staff

Access detailed data analyses, visuals and predictive analytics with the CSU Student Success Dashboard.